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Mankind has sought for centuries to maximize the usefulness of what Nature's Bounty has provided for the health of our bodies and our spirits.

As far as the essential oils are concerned, Aromabar simplifies your access to their wondrous benefits. The understanding of aromatherapie started about 4,000 years ago. It is well-established that certain essential oils create a significant activity in the brain. But why? Essential oils are very volatile by nature, each with its own molecular weight, each with its own peculiar characteristics. They feed your body and activate certain hormones in you. Some oils are antiseptic, and some are analgesic.

We have developed a product that keeps these wonderful blends in harmony for the life of the Aromabar. In this proprietary formula, the oils will last about a year with normal use. We use cold vapor so as not to alter the constituents in the essential oils. The key is in the micronutrients. Real aromatherapie works because the oils, made up of billions of molecules, deliver the needed antioxidants through your respiratory system, counteracting the harmful build-up of free radicals.

You feel the effects of Aromabar instantly. As to the beneficial and efficient distribution of essential oils, it approaches perfection. There is no other product like it. Anywhere.


This product is effective as a natural temporary relief for:
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
as well as Asthma!





below is an easy read list about aromabar
Why aromatherapie and not aromatherapy?
(read article)
Aromabar ensures that the evaporation rate of the
various oils remains constant and harmonious
and it eliminates the volatility usually
associated with products of this nature
and essential oils themselves.
Inhalation vs. ingestion means that
Aromabar works fast
(read article)
Aromabar works with only 5 -10
minutes total exposure.
Aromabar is ALL Natural
Inhalation works fast
Aromabar works using cold evaporation
Aromabar is totally portable.
Aromabar is based on over 30 years of
proven research.
Aromabar comes in a variety of
ailment-specific formulas.  

Our essential oils are never adulterated or
diluted in any manner. All of our materials adhere to standards as set down in the USP, NF, or BP (U.S. Pharmacopoeia, National Formulary and British Pharmacopoeia).



" One fact remains:

from time immemorial, in every

country, aromatic plants

have always been

considered the most

effective treatment for the

diseases afflicting

mankind. "



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